Movies4u.To, Although is an online service provider, however we take a very strickt action to protect the rights of the owners and will vigorously move heaven and earth to protect the content of rightful owners. As movie guide.To is stated in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), will provide complete jurisdiction to legal and rightful copyright owners, with the utmost ability to to remove their own content. However, we do not monitor our users and members uploads systematic. Yet you can overcome this problem by contacting movie webmasters. If any legal copyright owner finds any of their content posted on movie, and you do not authorize the use of your legal content to be posted on this web, you must immediately notify us regarding your content in writing with legal copyright proofs.

How To Submit DMCA Report Upon Sighting Legal Copyright Content?

As movie stated earlier that we value the content of legal owners, and take stern decisions upon detecting any copyright content. However, to come to a conclusion the content owners must file a valid copyright report. To enable the owners to do so, movie have provided an online contact form, through which the content owners can easily file a report of their content if posted. You can reach our contact form by navigating to our Contact Page, and filling in the fields accordingly. If you can not reach our contact page or can not fill out the process page due to whatsoever, you can also file your DMCA complaint through E-mail, Post-mail etc.

Criteria For Filing A Valid DMCA Report

To avoid spam and fake DMCA reports, the content owners must compile the required requirements asked by movie The very fist requirement to file a valid DMCA report, is to provide transparent proof of the content to be reported, and if the content or work is posted multiple times, the content owners must make a list of the content or work. Precise identification and legal documents weather paper or digital papers must be provided. You must also include the URL of the infringed material in the contact form, where the allegedly infringing material is present.  A statement from the content owner, assuring good and stern faith of claiming the alleged content. If one complies with all the above stated requirements, only then he may proceed to file a DMCA report.